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'Elden Ring' Update Just Buffed The Game's Hardest Boss, Following Player Feedback

'Elden Ring' Update Just Buffed The Game's Hardest Boss, Following Player Feedback

I'm in danger

A recent Elden Ring update has buffed one of the game's hardest boss battles, after the last update left them considerably weaker.

Elden Ring fans were deeply divided over a patch FromSoftware released towards the end of March that made Starscourge Radahn notably less of a scourge than he had previously been.

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Before the March patch, Radahn was considered to be one of the most difficult bosses in Elden Ring. He packed plenty of health, and a huge combination of unpredictable long-range and close-range attacks that made fighting him a real pain. After the patch, dataminers discovered that Radahn would deal less damage, and was actually easier to hit.

The Radahn nerf became a real point of contention for the community. Some decided they could use the fact they'd beaten "pre-patch Radahn" as a bragging right. Others felt it wasn't fair that newer players wouldn't have as hard a time as they did.

However, it now looks as if FromSoftware never intended to nerf Radahn at all. Over on Twitter the developer confirmed that a new update has fixed a "bug in the balance adjustment" of Radahn that "unintentionally" reduced the power of some of his attacks.

In other words, Radahn is back in his prime and ready to ruin our days once more. May god have mercy on our souls.

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware

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