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'Elden Ring' Player Smacks Down Margit Using A Harp For A Controller

'Elden Ring' Player Smacks Down Margit Using A Harp For A Controller

One creative Elden Ring player managed to best Margit using an actual harp.

If you happen to have a spare harp lying around, I have just the challenge for you. It’s no secret that Elden Ring players are full of creativity when it comes to tackling the various foes of the Lands Between.

One such player managed to defeat the game blindfolded, while another actually forced an Elden Ring boss to self-destruct. Others have found alternatives for their controllers with one Tarnished opting to use a Dance Dance Revolution mat, and now we can add using a harp to the weird Elden Ring hall of fame.

Have you ever wondered which of Elden Ring’s bosses would win a battle royale? Take a look below to find out.

Reddit user Lettuce4Dayz took to the r/EldenRing subreddit to display how she used an actual harp to defeat Margit so no, we’re not talking about the harp bow. The feat is very impressive. Take a look for yourself.

Lettuce4Dayz was able to link each string with a specific controller input, hence turning a sweet ditty into a string of powerful attacks. The player made the boss encounter look like a walk in the park as she attacked, dodged and rolled with pleasant plucking ease. Margit may be one of the more beginner friendly bosses in Elden Ring, but this is still an incredible display of skill.

Opening up about the achievement, Lettuce4Dayz explained, “Yep [I used] A for dodge and G for light attack. To my great sadness, I don't have a heavy attack string because I needed that real estate for other actions. The other notes you were hearing were either move forward (C), move backward (F), stop (low G), or heal (low A).”

She continued, “The only control I have over the direction of the roll is just whatever direction my character is walking. It's a little annoying because when I play with a controller, I tend to do a lot of forward-but-a-little-to-the-right rolls which I can't do with a harp unless I happen to be approaching from a certain angle. Mostly, it's really just rolling into an attack and hoping for the best.” Safe to say, I won’t be trying this one myself but hey, cool right?

Featured Image Credit: Anna Ellsworth via YouTube, Bandai Namco

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