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'Elden Ring' Has Updated The Dreaded 50-Hit Wall

'Elden Ring' Has Updated The Dreaded 50-Hit Wall

The latest patch from FromSoftware addresses the mysterious 50-hit illusionary wall that was first discovered in March.

Once upon a time, chaos and paranoia reigned across the Lands Between. With relentless dedication, players smashed walls in the hopes of finding a secret 50-hit illusionary wall that led precisely nowhere. They called it… the dark days.

Elden Ring is a game that undeniably requires intense levels of dedication (just take a look at Let Me Solo Her or this guy who defeated 165 bosses in under 10 hours), but no feat seemed more trying than the rather pointless 50-hit illusionary wall which was discovered by one player back in March. Located in Volcano Manor, the doorway simply led to an easily accessible room full of NPCs. It wasn’t particularly a shortcut either. It was quite simply pointless.

Take a look at this player below who defeated Elden Ring's bosses using only bubbles, because why not?

Elden Ring is full of illusionary walls, but all it takes is one hit to break that illusion. The discovery of a 50-hit wall led to players everywhere questioning everything they understood about the structural integrity of every wall they encountered. 

What compelled that original player to smash a wall 50 times is beyond my comprehension, but the shock news today is that the wall was in fact a glitch, so my fellow Tarnished, please stop smashing walls.

YouTuber Zullie the Witch recently discovered that FromSoftware had blocked up the 50-hit wall during the latest patch, but there’s even more lore to the fabled 50-hit wall. It turns out, the wall required 9,999HP before it finally fell as opposed to 50 hits.

Whilst the patch notes make no mention of the wall, Zullie tested out the wall’s strength herself and lo and behold, it didn’t break. I hereby announce that wall paranoia can finally come to an end. Thank Outer Gods for that.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco

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