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Amouranth Shoots To The Top Of Twitch's New Category

Amouranth Shoots To The Top Of Twitch's New Category

The content creator has replaced hot tubs with something a little... livelier

Love or hate Amouranth, you can’t deny that the Twitch streamer is clever. She is perhaps best known as the biggest hot tub content creator at the height of that meta. It seemed all of Twitch’s conversations revolved around whether or not women should be allowed to wear swimsuits on the platform, and at the centre of it all was Amouranth. 

Though she may have suffered a couple of bans when hot tub streaming and then yoga ASMR streaming, she’s now found a new niche in yet another category which Twitch has just created. As reported by Dexerto, Animals Aquariums, and Zoos is a new place for creatures of all kinds, but sitting at the top of the list of channels was Amouranth once again.

Here are some of our favourite livestream wins and fails...

The streamer shot to the top of the new category with content from a stable, looking after horses. Even before her streams in this Animals Aquariums, and Zoos she’s streamed with animals before so this isn’t actually that unusual for her. What’s clever is that with the new category, she has immediately leaned into this content for the past week, putting her at the top of a new page and finding a new audience. 

As Dexerto notes, there have already been jokes made about Twitch making the streamer yet another category. It can be argued that it was mostly her actions that led to the creation of the Hot Tub category. So seeing yet another new category on Twitch and Amouranth at the top of it would indicate to some that it was her actions once again. 

Streamer Esfand has a clip of him laughing about the situation saying: “did they really make a new category for Amouranth? Are you serious? They really made Amouranth a new category again. First hot tubs and now this.” He then does recognise that it’s a great move from Amouranth saying: “New category shows up - immediately, immediately streams in the new category”. 

Like we said, you may not like Amouranth’s content but you can’t deny her intelligence. In fact she’s one of the hardest working streamers out there, with some ridiculous livestream stats that anyone would be impressed by.

Featured Image Credit: Amouranth

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