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All The Changes You Need To Know Ahead Of Next 'Modern Warfare 2' Beta Weekend

All The Changes You Need To Know Ahead Of Next 'Modern Warfare 2' Beta Weekend

Infinity Ward have responded to all the feedback from Modern Warfare II's first beta weekend ahead of the second.

If you’re a PlayStation owner, chances are you may have joined the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II beta last weekend. Already, fans are enjoying the game’s new third-person field of view. In fact, they’re so enamoured by the game that some are calling Warzone “awful” in comparison. Soon, we’ll all be able to join in on the action as this weekend, the beta period opens up across all consoles and platforms. Ahead of this, Infinity Ward have made a few tweaks and changes. Here’s everything you need to know.

Check out the new third-person option in action below.

In a blog post, Infinity Ward thanked fans for the “fantastic amount of feedback,” noting “in addition to the new maps and modes we have lined-up for weekend two, we also have some changes and new things we are trying”. The developers went on to confirm that various crashes have been fixed, plus some gameplay exploits have been addressed. Lighting issues and some map geo has been patched and there’s updated progression for some Gunsmith related bugs.

In terms of feedback, Infinity Ward have heard the complaints regarding the new mini-map dot rules but have defended the system, explaining: “Currently in the MW2 Beta, we only show enemy player dots when a UAV is active. The design reason for this is that we do not want to punish players for firing their weapons. We also want players to actively search out the origin of a gunshot.” Devs will continue to monitor feedback.

Target tracking has also proved to be an issue so far, so Infinity Ward are reducing muzzle smoke opacity and increasing the visibility of the muzzle flash to “help engage someone who is firing at you”. They also noted: “We are also investigating more ways to visually differentiate Enemies and Friendlies outside of the standard nameplates above heads of the opposing players. We will be trying a few changes in Weekend Two… more on that later this week.”

UI bugs have been noted but these won’t be patched until launch, and footstep audio range is being reduced to help soften movement around the map. Devs also note that this weekend, enemy and friendly footsteps will have different sounds. Additionally, devs are aware of the workaround when it comes to slides but are “contemplating how to handle it”. With further changes to be announced later this week, we’ll keep an eye out on the latest news.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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