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PlayStation Fans Spreading 'Halo Infinite' Spoilers In "Console War Retaliation" Need To Grow Up

PlayStation Fans Spreading 'Halo Infinite' Spoilers In "Console War Retaliation" Need To Grow Up

Just stop it

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

A small number of The Last Of Us fans appear to be spreading Halo Infinite campaign spoilers online. They claim this is in retaliation for similar spoiler leaks ahead of the launch of The Last Of Us Part II in 2020.

Last year, almost the entire plot of Naughty Dog's long-awaited sequel found its way onto the internet, prompting trolls to directly target PlayStation fans in an effort to spoil the game for them.

The reality is that these trolls were a collection of assholes who all favoured different platforms, and were absolutely not just Xbox fans. But in an effort to keep some tired old console war bullshit going, self-proclaimed PlayStation "fanboys" are now sharing spoilers for the upcoming Halo under the guise of well-deserved revenge. I cannot stress enough how much of a dickhead this makes you if you think it's a good idea.

Take a look at what we think of Halo Infinite so far below!

Halo Infinite creative director Joseph Staten confirmed over the weekend that a number of files containing campaign spoilers had accidentally been included in the recent tech preview build. Despite Staten's request that fans not go digging for them, dataminers soon pulled them and started sharing them online. To be clear, you won't find any Halo Infinite campaign spoilers in this article, so read on without fear.

Over on Twitter, a (very small) minority of people who claim to be PlayStation fans are now relishing the fact these spoilers are out there. "Now people in the Xbox community are getting a taste of their own weapon," wrote one user.

"Why are Xbox fanboys getting mad at PlayStation players for leaking Halo Infinite story?," added another. "Xbox players were leaking TLOU2 story and gamers were asking them not to leak the spoilers?"

Clearly, there are too many PlayStation fans out there who have well and truly bought into the narrative that The Last Of Us Part II leaks were solely to do with Xbox users. This has everything to do with a small but vocal group of boring little losers on both sides that seem obsessed with keeping the "console wars" chugging along, as if most of us didn't move away from that archaic and embarrassing concept years ago.

The truth is that there almost certainly were a few Xbox fans with a grudge and time on their hands that shared The Last Of Us Part II spoilers last year. But it's also true that a great deal of the leaks for Naughty Dog's sequel were initially circulated by fans of the first game who were angry that the plot wasn't what they expected or wanted. This pointless "retaliation" is targeting Halo fans who had absolutely nothing to do with The Last Of Us Part II leaks, and it's making innocent PlayStation and Xbox fans look bad and feel worse.

"Now plenty of PlayStation guys are ruining things for other people who weren't involved with any of it," one Xbox fan on Twitter complained. "I was looking forward to The Last Of Us Part II and it was spoiled for me before the release! So why am I being targeted by that community and getting Halo Infinite spoilers?"

Massive story leaks like this are shit. They ruin the hard work of the developers who have spent years trying to put together surprises for fans, and they absolutely destroy the thrill for those fans who actually want to be surprised. The Halo Infinite leaks are out there now, and there's nothing we can do about that. But if you really think Halo fans getting bombarded with spoilers is any way funny or justified, try and remember there are no console wars. This is nothing more than an empty, pointless battle where everyone involved is a guaranteed loser.

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