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10 Fallout 4 console mods to install ahead of the new-gen update

10 Fallout 4 console mods to install ahead of the new-gen update

Check out these Fallout 4 console mods

Fallout is all anyone can talk about at the moment and it’s well deserved. The series has always been a favourite, but it’s currently undergoing a bit of a renaissance because of the stellar TV show from Amazon Studios. To coincide with this popularity, Bethesda is releasing an update for Fallout 4 to bring it into the new generation.

For those wanting to revisit, or start afresh with Fallout 4, we’ve got a great selection of mods you can download and play on console. Now is a perfect time to play.

It’s worth noting that after the Bethesda update, these mods may break and will require their own updates from the mod teams.


Even though the wasteland is brown and grey due to the war and the bombs, it feels a bit odd that nature hasn’t revived enough to show some colour. It can get a bit bland for the eyes after a while, so you need to grab the SimpleSeaons packs, one for each season. Titled, SimpleGreen (Spring), SimpleYellow (Summer), SimpleRed (Autumn), and SimpleWhite (Winter) on Xbox One, you’ll have to download each in order to enjoy a full year and you’ll be able to enjoy a splash of colour here and there to make things look lush.

Stronger Dogmeat

Dogmeat is the best companion (no arguing) because he’s the best boy. Who wouldn’t want a good boy by their side? The only issue is that Dogmeat isn’t very strong. He only hits for around 1-2dps which isn’t going to help kill anything. With this mod his damage increases to 58dps which makes him effective and cute at the same time.


Any Mod Any Weapon

Fallout can be ridiculous, it’s part of its charm. It’s often very silly and never takes itself too seriously especially when it comes to weapons - being able to shoot a mini-nuke is hilarious. This mod lets you craft weapons together to make some crazy combinations. Want to fire cannonballs out of a revolver? You can do it. Create your own worldkiller gun and revel in the apocalypse.

No Build Limit

Building settlements in Fallout 4 was somewhat contentious. It seemed to split much of the audience down the middle due to being a bit awkward, but some players have made brilliant settlements. The ‘No Build Limit’ mod does everything in its name, it removes the build limit allowing you to really lean into your base. Of course, you may find your game slow down and start chugging a bit, but if you want a sprawling empire, then go for it.

Craftable Ammo

Now this one just makes sense. Why isn’t this in Bethesda’s plans when making the game. Granted, Fallout isn’t really a full-on survival game, but it would be nice to make ammo for the myriad guns to be found. By installing this mod you’ll get a ‘reloading workbench’ which allows you to use various materials to craft your ammo. This will take away a little from the exploration, but it can also make the game feel a lot more immersive.


Full Dialogue Interface

One of my biggest frustrations with Fallout 4 was the dialogue. Oftentimes you would choose a particular line only for your character to say something very different. This takes away from the feeling of a personal journey, so this mod steps in to fully show the dialogue about to be spoken. It’s a great opportunity to lean into the role-playing. This also helps you direct the conversation exactly how you mean it to.

Better Graphics and Weather

Now, this one may not be needed for much longer, given the ‘new-gen’ update coming from Bethesda, but for now, it’ll make your playthrough more visually appealing. It’s the lighting that does it, with it being more even and diffusing through trees and bouncing off water, making it prettier than ever. The weather isn’t a huge change, but it makes everything feel refreshed. Who knew the wasteland could look this stunning?

Choose Your Own Perks

Choosing perks to boost your character is a large part of the fun. However, some perks may not fit your playstyle and you can find out a bit too late. This perks mod will allow you to try out everything from the very beginning. You can cherry-pick the ones that sound good, or you can turn them all on and be some kind of wasteland juggernaut. It’s a helpful mod to figure out exactly how you want to play and revert any choices you make that don’t fit.

Fallout 2287: Nuclear Winter

If you want more survival mechanics in Fallout 4, this will be the mod for you. Essentially, it brings in new factors to contend with like body temperature and keeping yourself warm in this snowstorm. It also does a lovely job of overhauling the visuals and bringing in lots of fresh and crunchy snow.

Nuclear Winter
Nuclear Winter

Armorsmith Extended

Last on the list is Armorsmith Extended which changes how armour and clothes are layered and equipped. This makes character models look more authentic - unless you take things too far, which is possible - and it also brings in new items. With so many options, you’ll be able to look good and stay alive longer. Make yourself look as absurd as possible and kill some deathclaws.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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